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Print Artist Platinum

Print Artist Platinum is the best greeting card software that allows you to produce amazing prints. This software offers you the best tools to enhance your creativity. It helps users to control the amount of creativity on your cards.  Print Artist Platinum helps you to create your cards by choosing an attractive pre-crafted card. Even you can also creating a new card design with this card making software. You can simply create wonderful and beautiful print projects for your home or school. You can also create your own business cards to making party banners.

Print Artist Platinum offers more than 28000 professionally designed templates and 375,000+ sensational graphics. This application comes with useful and the easy to use photo editing tools. Print Artist Platinum lets you to easily import photos from mobile phones, digital cameras, internet and the scanners. You can edit your selected picture easily.  Print Artist Platinum helps in removing red eye, change colors, adjust the lighting, eliminate flaws and scratches etc. More than it you can rotate images, resize or add special effects to your photos.

Print Artist Platinum gives you the opportunity to create your own designs. It adds helpful options to make everything artistic and professional. Print Artist Platinum is the best greeting card making software application for creating personalized cards. It helps to create your cards, calendars, bumper stickers, print amazing labels and tee shirts designs. You can create and share your creativity to your friends and family to impress them.

Features of Print Artist Platinum:

  • Polished you professional skills and enhance your creativity
  • Offer 28,000+ greeting card templates, 377,000+ sensational graphics and 1,000+ premium fonts
  • Write your own text and create own designs
  • Find exactly the right look for your greeting card or project
  • Offers basic photo editing, professional appearance, dozens of unique shapes

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