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HWMonitor Pro

Sometimes our voltage or system temperature increase and damage our system contain all our data. The recovery of data is difficult after the system damage. We need a simple tool for monitoring system temperature, voltage, fan speed, and other factors. HWMonitor is the best tool for this purpose. It opened with tree view of our system’s

  • voltages
  • temperatures
  • fans
  • CPU core temperatures
  • drive,
  • airflow
  • assembly temperatures of the main hard

Each line is highlighted. One of the best benefits is that its size is very low that’s why it is portable so it needs no installation and just require 400 KB of drive’s space. It can run on any PC and monitor all the factor it was made for.

HWMonitor Pro


HWMonitor Pro is the professional version of HWMonitor. It has many other features which the simple version of it has not i.e. show graphs and ability to remotely monitor other PCs via the Internet, among other improvements.

HWMonitor not end with this. It has many other features which appears when we use it. The menus like File, View, Network and Tools let us

  • save monitoring and SMBus data
  • edit selections; enable the network Listening Mode
  • open and close a connection to an IP address or ENUM network
  • start and stop the log
  • set options such as Fahrenheit or Celsius and the log path

For Android

HWMonitor PRO is also user for Android to monitor the health if Android’s GPU, CPU, RAM and Battery. It shows in real time:

    • set of temperatures which vary device to device
    • all information about battery i.e. voltage, temperature and charge level
    • CPU temperature and its utilization
    • GPU information, temperature etc.


HWMonitor only tracks components that have compatible sensors, which depends on your brand and model of motherboard, processor, and so on. The ability to monitor remote machines with ease sets it apart from other free hardware monitors, though. It’s well worth a look. It supports following windows:

  • Windows XP
  • WindowVista
  • Window 7
  • Window 8/8.1
  • Window 10

How to install

Run the executable file and read the instructions to install it. Download the software by clicking on the link below. Once the downloading will complete run the executable file and install the software. Then run it and enjoy!


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